Production Process Engineer - NC

Company Name:
Tia Hinton - The Agency LLC
Production Process Engineer to solve complex production problems across production areas in a time sensitive environment. Will coordinate and participate in execution of production trials and process improvement experiments.
Primary responsibilities:
Complies with all company safety rules and procedures.
Analyzes, adapts and recommends potential change of course as unknown issues or problems surface or opportunities emerge.
Communicates effectively with all team members in the plant (forklift drivers, operators, technicians, managers, etc.)
Provides instruction and mentoring to technicians and team members related to new products, process optimization/improvement, routine manufacturing and process safety.
Develops working procedures for old and new materials run in production.
Minimum requirements:
BS Engineering degree with either a Mechanical Engineering or Chemical Engineering degree
Background in a manufacturing environment
Knowledge of production processes, quality control concepts, set-up, use and care of equipment.
Knowledge of all safe handling and disposal requirements for all raw materials used and intermediate and finished goods.
Familiar with MSDS information.
Strong math skills, including the knowledge of arithmetic, basic algebra, geometry, and statistics, and their applications.
Excellent organizational and time management skills.
Experience with production processes, quality control concepts, set-up, use and care of equipment.
Experience with safety information on raw materials and finished goods; familiar with MSDS information.
Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering or Chemical Engineering.
2+ years of manufacturing experience in a highly automated fast paced environment.

Job Code: R1748e

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